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straight pneumatic fitting
10mm pneumatic fittings

straight pneumatic fitting

4mm-10mm Female straight pneumatic fitting:Quick installation; It is used in a variety of automation control system, automation equipment, automated machinery and so on. OEM is accepable.
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Introducing our Female Straight Pneumatic Fitting - the ideal choice for 4mm pneumatic fittings and 10mm pneumatic fittings. These One-Touch tube fittings offer flexibility, even post-installation. Their nickel-plated metal body ensures durability and resistance to corrosion and contamination. With pre-coated sealant on R and NPT threads and O-Ring seals on cylindrical threads, this fitting simplifies installation, guaranteeing a secure and reliable connection. Elevate your pneumatic system's performance with this versatile, high-quality component.

4mm-10mm Female straight pneumatic fitting Code

Tube Dia(mm) - Thread Size (R)/(G)

























Female straight Features

One-Touch tube fittings are used in pneumatics piping.

The tube fittings come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatics piping.

Even after installation, the direction of the tube can be changed freely.

Nickel-Plated metal body ensure Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Contamination.

All R and NPT threads are Pre-Coated sealant.

All cylindrical threads are standard with O-Ring seals.



Air & Vacuum

Operating Pressure


Negative Pressure


Max Pressure


Operating Temperature


Applicable tube

PU or Nylon

4mm-10mm Female straight pneumatic fitting Structure Chart

4mm pneumatic fittings Structure Chart

What are the main types of plastic pneumatic fittings?
Plastic pneumatic fittings are classified into two main types: internal and external threading. Internal threading fittings are used for tubing connections, while external threading fittings are used for manifold connections.

How can I ensure the safety of plastic pneumatic fittings?
To ensure the safety of plastic pneumatic fittings, it is important to follow several best practices. First, ensure that the fittings are properly installed and tightened to the recommended torque. Second, avoid over-tightening, as this can damage the fitting. Third, clean the fitting before and after each use to prevent debris from entering the fitting. Finally, if you experience any leaks or failures, immediately replace the fitting.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic pneumatic fittings compared to metal ones?
Compared to metal pneumatic fittings, plastic fittings have several advantages. They are lighter in weight, easier to install and maintain, and more environmentally friendly. However, plastic fittings may not be as durable as metal ones, and they may not withstand as much force or pressure as metal fittings.

How can I clean plastic pneumatic fittings?
To clean plastic pneumatic fittings, you can use a solvent or cleaning solution. Avoid using soap or detergent, as these can damage the fitting's surface. Simply immerse the fitting in the solution for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.

What are the best practices for storing and transporting plastic pneumatic fittings?
To store and transport plastic pneumatic fittings, you should follow several best practices. First, store the fittings in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Second, avoid shipping with excessive force or vibration, as this can damage the fitting. Finally, label the fittings with their name, model number, and any important information.

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