Take you to understand the metal pneumatic fitting in China's market prospects
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Metal pneumatic fittings are suitable for a variety of applications, generally can be divided into pipe inner diameter seal and pipe outer diameter seal, internal thread and external thread and so on. Through the air pressure to drive the expansion of the seal ring or claw clutching, so as to achieve a seal connection effect. More pipe types, flanged pipe, shaped pipe, flared pipe, pagoda pipe can be used for fast sealing connection pneumatic quick joint. The pneumatic quick coupling also has the great advantage of being able to match the cylinder or fixture to form an automated operation. This is more efficient, reduce labor costs.

metal pneumatic fittings

In the tide of the New World Economy, it has become an inevitable trend for the processing manufacturing industry of the world to accelerate its migration to the Chinese mainland, and China will develop and expand the processing manufacturing industry gradually. In particular, Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta region, the trend of development within a decade to become the global metal pneumatic fitting manufacturing core.

Up to now, 70 percent of the companies in China's metal pneumatic fitting industry chain are still private enterprises, and now, in China, the development trend of metal pneumatic fitting production, processing and export is becoming more and more important. In order to get a better effect and expand the market and consumption development potential of pneumatic joint, it is necessary to have a strong technical support point, on the other hand must also be the leading role of specific guidance.

At the same time, because in recent years China has spent nearly one billion US dollars a year importing metal pneumatic connections, among which high-precision, complicated and corrosion-resistant pneumatic connections are the majority, so from the perspective of reducing imports, this kind of metal pneumatic fittings in the market share will gradually expand.

Metal pneumatic connectors are gradually replacing plastic pneumatic connectors in the technical upgrading level, in the European region, the rapid production and processing of new metal pneumatic connectors market continues to increase. Dynamic at the manufacturer level. From the pneumatic joint manufacturer cooperation model, in the high-tech industry market will produce many large enterprises strong hand in hand.

Therefore, the low-end pneumatic joint market development potential is very great. The quality of metal pneumatic fittings in China can be improved, delivery time can be, metal pneumatic fittings export market prospects are very positive. In addition, the global market metal pneumatic fittings standard parts of the demand is also very large. At the moment, there are only small exports from China.

Global metal pneumatic fittings market requirements have been increasing. In which the European area pneumatic joint. And its increased use of multi-purpose pneumatic joints, replacing many of the past order software simple pneumatic joints. In the future, customers will pay more attention to the analysis and development trend of metal pneumatic fitting, not only in the field of raw materials and surface coating technology, but also in the field of NC blade goods and the whole process of production process, production practices will assist pneumatic joint manufacturers to improve their competitiveness in the market where they know the industry.

metal pneumatic fittings for the industry's product seal testing, with automatic chemical equipment. Connect the nozzle of the equipment to be tested to block or pass the test fluid. The utility model solves the problem that the industry tightness detection is time-consuming and laborious, and is more suitable for the requirements of automatic production.

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