Precautions for using metal pneumatic fittings
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Pneumatic couplings, also known as quick pneumatic couplings or quick seal couplings, are mainly used to seal connected fittings in leak testing efficiently. The advantages of compact structure, small size, lightweight, high-pressure resistance and interchangeability are suitable for various sealing applications such as metal fittings, plastic fittings, coated tubes and lower joints. Although very practical, there are many precautions to take when using metal pneumatic fittings to maintain the fittings for a longer period.

metal pneumatic fittings

1. metal pneumatic fittings are only suitable for gas testing, such as air, nitrogen, helium, etc., and not for fluids other than gases.

2. metal pneumatic fittings should be used with care not to exceed the rated pressure range.

3. metal pneumatic fittings should not be used beyond the rated temperature range. High temperature can easily lead to seal leakage due to seal deformation, resulting in losses. Please determine the applicable temperature range before use.

4. metal pneumatic fittings, when using, pay attention to positioning and limit to avoid damage to the seal caused by inaccurate positioning of the product orifice, etc.

5. metal pneumatic fittings, when used to pay attention to the use of the scene, can not be mixed with metal powder or sand and dust to use the place, which will cause the joint inside the joint wear or blockage, shoddy work or leakage.

6. metal pneumatic fittings, when used, you also need to pay attention to the timely cleaning of the product orifice surface impurities; pneumatic joints are not in use to promptly cover the dust cap to prevent dust from entering, and dry and ventilated preservation at the same time to do regular checks, which can extend the service life of pneumatic joints, thereby reducing business costs.

7. Please do not disassemble the joint structure by yourself. There are used parts that need to be replaced; please determine the specifications before replacement. Do not look almost directly to replace the metal pneumatic fittings. The internal structure of metal pneumatic fittings is designed to be precise and easily damaged by disassembly.

The above is about the use of metal pneumatic fittings precautions. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!

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